Our Expertise

We propose communication solutions in line with the objectives of our business partners; shape corporations’ communications behaviour – and reconfigure if necessary – by means of event, agenda, and spokesperson management.

Perceptions are incredibly fragile and can suffer from any crisis. The solution is to adopt the same transparent and accountable stance within the company and towards the public. We design scenarios and strategies for our business partners for both good and bad days.

We believe in digital; build and develop our business partners’ online presence as well as social media to make their stories more memorable, shareable, and discoverable.

For us, event organization is company-specific, and designed according to our business partners’ targets. We amend and finalize the events with creative details in order to generate surplus value for our partner companies.

We act as a bridge between our business partners and the media. In addition to making content newsworthy; we carry the information to the most effective medium in order to reach the target audience.

We believe that social responsibility projects need to be sustainable; we design and manage them in line with our business partners’ fields of operation.


Our storytellers network includes topics such as mother, child, decoration, food, make-up, sports, healthy nutrition, technology, fashion, game, travel and lifestyle.